There is a story about the Original Gooey Butter Cake and its accidental creation when a baker's mistake became a much sought after treat. Decades later, it continues to be a highly regarded staple of its hometown, St. Louis, and hard to come by just about anyplace else.  Until now. 

Gooey&Co Gooey Bit At Gooey&Co, this legendary confection is now reimagined for the modern world; crafted with original recipes, quality goods, and unique flavors.  Served exclusively as our signature bite-size GOOEY BITS: The perfect one-and-a-half inch square bite of gooey goodness!


We like to keep things simple. In our cakes you’ll never see over processed ingredients or anything you can’t pronounce and that's what inspired our Fresh Stuff Promise:

"We promise to craft our cakes from scratch, with fresh, all-natural ingredients and vow to never use artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives"

And that's why they taste so darn good!